Free ME is a bold initiative that will free Maine. It is a realistic strategy for spurring economic development statewide. 

Maine has the opportunity to become America’s premier destination for economic freedom and growth. Overall, Free ME is not a new concept. Free ME simply expands on the bipartisan idea embodied in the Pine Tree Development Zones, which will exponentially increase the positive economic impact in the economically hardest hit areas of Maine. 

The Free ME initiative will help put Maine back on the path to prosperity. Just think what it would mean for Maine to become the “tax haven” of the northeast, where entrepreneurs can thrive, where retirees can enjoy more of what they have saved, where families can keep more of what they have earned. 

Free ME will turbo-charge the state’s economy and make Maine a destination for capital and investment. The economic growth and prosperity that follow will more than make up for the “lost” revenue to government. Free ME is a revolutionary idea that will make Maine more competitive and more business-friendly. Free ME will stop the bleeding and jump-start the economic recovery that is so urgently needed. 

With more job creation, prosperity and opportunity, Free ME has the ability to decrease gov-ernment dependence, which sadly has reached epidemic proportions in our state. More than one out of every three Mainers is dependent on the welfare system, and those numbers will only continue to climb unless we act now to turn things around. 

If adopted, Free ME will keep the flame of freedom burning brightly for generations to come and FREE MAINE

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John Mauldin FreeME Initiative John Mauldin  | Financial Expert and publisher of Thoughts from the Frontline 


Grand Lake Stream is in the middle of Washington County, Maine, which is about the size of Connecticut yet has only 30,000 people. As it turns out, it is also the poorest county east of the Mississippi.
In a few weeks, [MHPC] is going to announce what is a fascinating economic experiment. The [idea] is to make the entire county an enterprise zone. They are going to eliminate all [general state] taxes in the county – every last corporate, personal, and sales tax. As one former state official told me tonight, the state gets such a small amount of taxes from [Washington] County that eliminating the taxes won’t affect the state budget whatsoever. And the poverty here is quite real.
I will give you an update, down the road, on whether the Washington County experiment makes a difference. My philosophical bet is that it will. In a few years the results will not be just philosophical but something we can all see.